Gmail will memorize and remember the addresses you have previously used to send email to and will pop out a list of matching email addresses as you type the address in “To:” field when you compose a new message, this is very useful in terms of auto-completion but the problem is that if you misspell an email address, or if a friend change his email address the incorrect, in case of a mistyped address, or old email address, in case of a deprecated email address, is yet remembered by Gmail and would show up while you type the first couple of letters of an email address that you want to send your email to.


This might mislead you and you might end up sending emails to wrong people and not even notice that your message has not been delivered to the correct person.

To fix this you have to remove the addresses that are no longer needed by going to “Contacts” and find the mistyped or deprecated email address from one of the “Most Contacted” or “Other Contacts” categories and delete them by selecting them and clicking on Delete contact under the “More actions” drop-down menu.

If you mistakenly remove some contacts that you didn’t mean to, don’t worry there is a way to undo this, you can easily restore your contacts list to its previous saved status by going to “Contacts” and choosing “Restore contacts” from the “More actions” drop-down menu.