Each website is unique and depending on the language it has been built by and base on its server type, whether databases are supported or not, we need to use different blogging application.

We use WordPress for PHP websites that are being hosted on an Apache server. If the web server does not support databases we use a flat-files database-less blogging application such as FlatPress. For ASP websites we use BlogEngine.NET.

What we need to setup your blog:
We need FTP access to your website or the sub-directory in which the blog you would like to be installed (we recommend installing your blog on a sub-directory rather than a sub-domain for the sake of SEO.)

We need also a MySQL database you might create the database yourself and send us the username and password and as well as the database name or you might give us access to your server to do it ourselves.

If your site is an ASP.NET application we need to have temporary RDP access to setup your blog on the server side.

We will build a custom design theme that looks like your main site design. The theme is completely search engine optimized.

For the websites that are built using not very common programming languages such as Ruby on Rails we will install blog on a separated Apache server and use proxy to serve the blog on your main domain this is called a remote blog installation.