Increase Your Visibility and Online Reach with Google SEO

The majority of online experiences begin directly in a search engine, and nearly ¾ of online searchers never scroll past the first page. If you aren’t easily found online, you are missing out on business. Our SEO services can ensure your website:
  1. Is visible by working hard behind the scenes to set your website up for success to easily be found by users through search engines, which will then put your site in front of your potential patients.
  2. Receives relevant traffic to your site.
  3. Converts visitors to actual patients by improving the overall user experience on your site.
  4. Get found in the increasingly crowded online world by helping you across all platforms, including organic search, maps and local searches.

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Actual Client: Gire Orthodontics

In-depth Website, Market and Competitors Analysis For Your Dental, Orthodontic Practice

Growing your online reach for your dental or orthodontic practice must begin with a comprehensive look at what you and your competitors are currently doing, so we can find the areas we can improve on and propel your dental or orthodontic practice ahead of the competition. Our SEO Analysis Services will:
  1. Give you a comprehensive report so you can see exactly how your site is performing and clearly see any issues that may be holding your site back.
  2. Provide key recommendations to help you improve your site.
  3. Determine if black hat SEO tactics have been used on your site in the past, and help correct them before they cause damage.
  4. Find top competitors in your market and provide insights by comparing their sites with yours, giving you important information to come out ahead.

Be Where Your Patients Are with Facebook & Instagram Ads

Social media sites, such as Facebook and Instagram, provide you the opportunity to be where your patients are, and to directly interact with them. From brand awareness to lead generation, we can help you engage current patients, reach new ones, and drive more traffic to your website through Social Media platforms.
  1. Receive leads from Facebook and Instagram directly into your inbox or your CRM software
  2. Take the burden of managing the day to day of the accounts off of you so you can focus on what your dental or orthodontic practice does best.
  3. Maximize the benefits that social media sites offer, including ads and sponsored posts, to help you reach a broader audience.
  4. Monitor and measure the effectiveness of social media campaigns, and make real time adjustments as needed to ensure your campaigns are always the most effective.
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Engage Your Patients and Promote Your Dental Practice Directly Over Guest WiFi

Our WiFi marketing services allow you to engage directly with your patients the moment they connect to your WiFi, offering a personal touch through targeting landing pages or ads. Potential patients are more than likely already on their phones, so ensure the content you want them to see is delivered effortlessly to them.
  1. Deployment of Wi-Fi devices
  2. Designing your Free Wi-Fi landing page
  3. In-Depth analytics
  4. Can be connected to our Review Tool

Omni Channels Marketing for an Omnipresence Dental Practice

Pay per click advertising broadens your audience reach, allowing your brand to be seen by more people. Google ads and other PPC platforms allow you to reach potential patients when they are most willing to convert, and the best part is, you pay only when someone clicks on your ad. You have full control over each monthly spend and budget, and your ads get shown across relevant sites within Google’s Search and Display Network.
  1. Increase brand awareness and attract more patients
  2. Precisely target potential patients, whether you are advertising locally or around the world.
  3. Target using audience targeting and demographics
  4. Promote or advertise specific deals or products.
  5. Retargeting
  • Guarantee you are found on Google
  • AdWords Certified Experts
  • Google Partner Agency
  • Reasonable pricing
  • 100% satisfaction rate

Get More Reviews For Your Dental Practice

Your reputation precedes you - be sure you are putting your best foot forward. Don’t let your reputation get ruined by negative online reviews. Our review tool will not only help you manage your reviews, but help you attract new reviews, as well. Online reviews can help you stand out from the competition, but it’s important that you are monitoring your online reputation. Let us handle that for you. It’s simple for you and your patients.
  1. Send an online review invite right to your patient’s smartphone, making it fast and easy for them to leave a review.
  2. Our tool helps screen negative reviews so you can address the review before it has a chance to go public.
  3. Our review tool seamlessly integrates with a host of review sites, including Facebook, Google, Yelp, Yellow Pages and more.
  • Flat Fee Subscription base
  • Get more reviews from your real patients of you
  • Send review request vial text and email
  • No long-term contract
  • Monitor existing reviews
  • Award Winning Reputation management software
  • Display Reviews on your site with a beautiful widget
  • State of the art review generation and monitoring tool

Dental, Orthodontic Website Design

Is your website helping you attract new patients, or driving away patients into the arms of your competitors? Your website should be good-looking and easy to navigate, it should contains relevant information, and offer a pleasant user experience. Our web design and development services can help ensure your website stays ahead of the pack and converts, while our other marketing services drive users to it.
  • Pay in installment with 12, 15 and 24 months terms.
  • Own your website and content 100% from day one
  • Clean, Modern responsive design
  • Built with best SEO pracitces in mind

Actual Web Design Project

Actual Web Design Project

Actual Web Design Project

Actual Web Design Project

Engage and Convert Visitors to New Patients with Dental Live Chat

Your dental or orthodontic practice may only operate 9-5, but the internet is open 24/7. And that means users can find your site at any moment of the day. Live chat ensures that if a user comes to your site and has a question or wants to make an appointment, it can be addressed right away.
  1. Real human beings, and not computers, answering chat queries
  2. Reply within a few seconds to the chat queries
  3. Highly trained agents for your industry
  4. Available 8 a.m. - 12 a.m., your local time zone
  5. Receive a copy of every chat transcript