From initial campaign set up to campaign management and optimization, our Google and Bing certified team of experts will advertise for you on Google AdWords, Bing and Yahoo! Network, Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook.

You need a monthly budget of at least $800 to start your campaign. We will provide you with an in-depth report of your campaign's performance on a monthly basis.

Our Pay-per-click advertisement service consists of three stages:

  1. Initial campaign development
  2. Ongoing monitoring and measuring results
  3. Ongoing performance optimization

Initial Campaign Development

This includes creating your AdWords, Twitter or Facebook campaigns at different levels such as, Keywords level, Ad Texts level and Ad Groups level as well as universal campaign configuration which includes settings such as:

  • Campaign structure
  • Bid strategy
  • Max CPC restriction
  • Daily spend limit
  • Geographical targeting

Monitoring and Measuring Results

There are two types of metrics that we look into while monitoring results: One is the Volume Metrics such as impression or number of clicks that your Ad receives and the other one is the Performance Metrics such as CTR, Conversion rate and bounce rate. We also measure the Landing Page performance, Ad Placement and Ad Average position.

Performance Optimization

Based on our observations and ongoing monitoring, we take action to improve your campaign's performance. Some of the changes we might make would include:

  • Disabling and removing keywords with low performance and adding new keywords
  • Adding Negative Keywords with different match types (Negative Keywords are the ones we don't want your Ad to be displayed for)
  • Assigning keyword-specific bids for high performance keywords.
  • Updating your Ad copy
  • Changing the campaign level configurations