Why do you need SEO?

Search engine optimization is becoming increasingly important for businesses as more people are turning to the internet for answers to questions, to find a product or business. SEO is important for any business that offers products or services that a user might turn to a search engine query to find. If you aren’t ensuring your site can be found at the top of a search engine list, you may be missing out on customers.

Think about it this way, the higher your page is ranked, the more visible it will be. If your site can rank in one of the top spots, your information can be viewed by thousands of potential customers. Research tells us that SEO is important because:

  • Users are more likely to click on one of the top five results returned, and a good SEO program can help you gain one of those positions.
  • It’s not enough to get users to come to your site, you want them to stay and convert into customers. A good SEO program can improve the user’s overall experience on your site, and make your site as user friendly as possible.
  • Users often trust that search engines are returning reliable and accurate results that meet their query, and believe the sites in the top spots are often the most trustworthy.
  • If you aren’t utilizing SEO, you can assume your competition probably is - and you may be losing customers to them.

How does SEO help you?

Search engine optimization offers several crucial benefits to help you compete in today’s ever increasing digital world. Not only can it help you gain more visibility, it can help ensure that when potential customers come to your site, they are me with a user friendly site that sets you apart as a trusted authority.

  • Gain those important top spots on Google and other search engines. The top five spots are the most important, and the top spot earns almost ⅓ of clicks. If you aren’t ranking in one of the top spots, you may not be seen by your customers.
  • Drive more quality/relevant traffic to your website
  • Get more high-quality leads because you can trust that the people who have found you did so as the result of a search query that returned you in one of the top spots.
  • Convert more visitors to customers because your site will be optimized to offer the information customers are looking for.
  • Optimizing for organic, maps and local results for all important search engines can ensure that you are found in the ever increasingly competitive local market.

What does SEO Foxy search engine optimization consist of?

  1. Keyword Research: This is one of the most important components of a good SEO program. By using the right keywords, you can market your business’ goods or services, and ensure search engine users find you.
  2. Market research: This research will capture the information we need about your customers, or potential customers, - demographics, values, market trends, competition, etc.
  3. On-page optimization: This will ensure individual pages of your site rank well and drive traffic to your site.
  4. Off-page optimization: includes link-building, social media marketing, social bookmarking, etc. to help search engines better understand how trusted your site is in the real world.
  5. Technical SEO: This ensures your site follows all guidelines as set forth by search engines, and that your site is indexed appropriately and can be found for the keywords you want to rank for.
  6. Content Development: Content is king in the SEO world, and we can ensure your content sets you forth as a trusted authority.
  7. Link Building: A Healthy link profile shows Google that your site is trusted.
  8. NAP correction and citation building: We will ensure that any place your name, address and phone number can be found is correct and accurate, and find the correct places to add NAP citations.
  9. Competitive analysis: This can show you how search engines view you versus how they view your competitors, helping us understand where we can improve and help you stand out.
  10. Reporting and performance tracking: Regular reports ensure you know the work that is being done, and what results we are seeing.
  11. Social media optimization: Social media is how people stay connected and share information important to them. We can help get you in their conversations.

SEO Foxy Web Master Tools

We can measure the impact of our SEO program by tracking your rankings - both for your site, and for your competition. We can track how you rank for individual keywords so we’ll know what works and what doesn’t, and can make adjustments as needed to ensure you get seen.

Our brand reputation monitoring helps you capture online reviews, and address and correct negative reviews before they become a problem.

Call tracking can help you see exactly where people are finding your number, allowing us to monitoring the efficiency of marketing channels.

Analytics help us monitor the success of our efforts, and can help measure sales and conversions that come through your site.

An on-page optimization audit helps us determine what can be improved on each of your web pages to increase their rankings.

A citation audit will help us determine where on the web you are found, and ensure that information is accurate.

Back link profile monitoring ensures backlinks are good quality and won’t hurt your business.

It’s Easy to Start Your Relationship with Trusted SEO Experts!

  • Month to Month agreement - don’t get locked in to a lengthy agreement without seeing results!
  • Free Proposal and action plan - We’ll outline what you can expect from us, including costs for a comprehensive SEO program.
  • Super-fast US based hosting servers and SSL certificate at no extra cost
  • Free website changes

Why SEO Foxy?

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  • 100% satisfaction rate
  • 10+ yrs of experience in digital marketing and search engine optimization
  • Best of the Web certified
  • Mentioned as best SEO agency by Bright Local and Advanced Web Ranking